The art of meeting for coffee....

When I am practicing within the arts administration field, when I am influencing culture and keeping money where money should be kept--towards creative, smart and innovative arts initiatives--I would bestow advice and knowledge, hard earned, to budding arts administrators. The arts world is competitive and requires a creatively dedicated spirit; but more importantly it requires good social and professional connections.

I am setting up meetings with individuals who I have asked to share industry advice, answer some questions about what goes on inside their organizations and to take my cover letter and resume for any future job opportunities within their respective institutions.

Meetings have been set up with:
  • the Associate Director; Visual & Media Arts Officer; Literary Officer at the Toronto Arts Council, William Huffman
  • the Executive Director of the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives of Ontario, Jewell Goodwyn (phone interview in early October)
  • the Executive Director of CARFAC Ontario, Kristian Clarke.
Prospective meetings, yet to be confirmed:
  • Chief Editor of C Magazine, Amish Morrel;
  • Curatorial Director, Textile Museum of Canada, Sarah Quinton;
  • Curator, TPW Gallery, Kim Simon.
More to be set.

img: Merret Oppenheim, Object, 1936

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